Services include:

  • Home studies for the purposes of placement of children with relatives or friends, adoption, and placement of children in Arizona from other states through Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC).
  • Recruitment of adoptive families
  • Case management for children who are in placement or in the adoption process
  • Annual guardianship reviews for the Department of Child Safety

Services are funded by the Arizona Department of Child Safety, the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, and donations.


Home studies:
Home studies are completed with families at the request of the Department of Child Safety.


St. Nicholas Center completes certification studies for families to adopt through the Department of Child Safety.

*We can only certify families that reside in Pima, Pinal and Gila counties.  People in other counties should contact 1-877-543-7633 to learn more about agencies in their area.


Case Management:
We monitor the out-of-home placement of children in the custody of the State of Arizona, Department of Child Safety, as well as children in the custody of other states around the country, via the ICPC program.

A child’s link to a Case Manager safeguards the well-being of the child. The Case Manager visits each child monthly, participates in Child Family Team (CFT) meetings, attends court hearings and important medical and educational consultations. Case Managers identify and advocate for needed behavioral health, medical, and educational services for children in care.


St. Nicholas Center recruits adoptive parents for children in the foster care system.

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption funds a special program, Wendy’s Wonderful Kids, that allows us to intensify recruitment of adoptive parents.