There are lots of children who need permanent homes in Pima County. Might YOU be their family?

St. Nicks recruits, certifies and completes adoptions in addition to providing case management for children in the foster care system.

*We can only certify families that reside in Pima, Pinal and Gila counties.  People in other counties should contact 1-877-543-7633 to learn more about agencies in their area.

Case Management:

We have over 25 case managers on staff. Their roles encompass many duties. The most important aspect of their job is to ensure the safety of the children on their case loads.  Some of their duties include: visiting the children monthly, participating in Child Family Team (CFT) meetings, attending court hearings, going to important medical or educational appointments, and managing the paperwork necessary to complete an adoption including, filing petition with the court, helping families apply for Adoption Subsidy, and completing all the “behind the scenes” paperwork for families and children.

The case managers are also very involved in obtaining services necessary for the children. This may include mental and behavioral health, medical or educational services.